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Established in 1875, the Oxford Alpine Club is one of the country's oldest mountaineering clubs. Our members span every generation and every corner of the globe, enjoying every genre of climbing from bouldering to big walling. That gives us plenty of experience to fall back on when we need inspiration or advice. As a publisher, the OAC is unique. We are not bound by geographical limits or a corporate image. Our aim goes no further than providing beautiful books that give a climber everything he or she wants in a guide. We are not profit-driven, and would like to see some of the more unusual climbing destinations achieve the popularity that they deserve, through publication of guidebooks that some larger publishing houses may not see sufficient profit in.

We recognise the challenges of getting your guidebook published, and realise that different authors want different things. Different climbing areas also require a different style of guide, so we won't push our image ahead of your vision. We can provide a flexible and bespoke service when it comes to getting your work published, from simply looking after your legal deposits to full design and production services or pre-press preparation.

So if you and your friends have been developing a new climbing area that you think others should know about, and you want to write the first guidebook to it, then we're there to publish it. Whether it's rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering or hill-walking... get in touch and see how we can help.

For further details, please email us at [email protected]


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