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The Annual Dinner

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Lakes Meet

20th September 2014

Oxford West Greenland

An OUMC Expedition to Greenland...


Welcome to the new OAC website

As our publishing exploits grow, we've been making some improvements to the way our online material is hosted... and as a side effect we've revamped this site. Unfortunately our mobile site isn't fully functional just yet, but we've had other priorities. If there's anything you'd like to see on the site, or you have any other comments or suggestions then please contact us.

Oxford Mountaineering Archives

Some time ago you may remember a plea for help from members of the OAC and OUMC to help preserve the collection of Oxford mountaineering archive material previously held in the Bodleian Library. Thanks to member donations, funds have become available to properly archive and catalogue this material in preparation for storage in a new location in Oxford. Work is on-going with the OUMC librarian.

The Oxford Mountaineering Journal

Unfortunately work on this project has been put on hold, though the intention still exists to continue at some point in the future. Although we don't have a timescale, we're still keen to accept any material for the Journal. Please contact us if you can help.


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